Marty was busy making money, and I had no big plans and no desire to sit around my hot apartment, so I grabbed the girls and headed out to Delano to catch the A’s game vs. the Buffalo Bulldogs.

I’ve got to say, the city of Delano (or some private donors) really pumped some dough into putting a very nice complex together. With ample, comfortable seating in the large grandstand and down both baselines, picnic table areas, ivy-covered fences surrounding the park, big metal light standards, a big concession booth, and nice bathrooms, it feels a lot like some of the minor league ballparks I’ve visited down in Iowa. I have to say, though, I was disappointed to learn that they can’t sell beer (but, apparently you can carry it in, I was told by the concessionaires . . ?).

Town ball isn’t quite the same without a cheap beer in your hand.


It was a very good game in the early innings, with Delano taking a 2-o lead. Buffalo came charging back in the middle innings to tie it up, but a couple of defensive hiccups, followed by a 3-run homer in the 7th put the game out of hand for the Bulldogs. Delano would hold on to win 6-2.


Had a nice time at the game, even though I was thirsty. Delano is home to a lovely, though dry, ballpark. Maybelle enjoyed watching the boys toss the ball around, while Skeeter happily ate up all the popcorn on the ground.

More pics here.